Carlos giffoni zamuro

The Shogun’s Decapitator
Electric Electric
Day For Airstrikes

LP1: 1. Fire Of The Mind 2. The Last Amethyst Deceiver 3. Tattooed Man LP2: 1. Triple Sun 2. It's In My Blood 3. I Don't Get It 4. Heaven's Blade 5. Cold Cell LP3: Lightning 2005 2. Amber Rain 3. Going Up. LP4: The New Backwards side A: 1. Careful What you Wish For 2. Nature Is A Language 3. Algerian Basses side B: 1. Copacabbala 2. Paint Me As A Dead Soul 3. Princess Margaret's Man in the D'Jamalfna

Carlos Giffoni ZamuroCarlos Giffoni ZamuroCarlos Giffoni ZamuroCarlos Giffoni Zamuro