Tripple star insurrection

James Bond is sent to investigate after a fellow “00” agent is found dead with a priceless Farberge egg. James bond follows the mystery and uncovers a smuggling scandal and…

According to Star Trek canon , tribbles are native to the planet Iota Geminorum IV . They appear as small bundles of fur with no other visible features. Their coloring ranges from white and grey to black, as well as speckled brown, yellow and orange. According to Dr. Leonard McCoy 's dialogue, their only two purposes in life appear to be to eat and to reproduce, and they perform both of these functions exceptionally well. McCoy concludes that tribbles use over 50% of their metabolism for reproduction and that they are born pregnant.

While on a mission to observe the peaceful Ba’ku race, Lt. Commander Data (Spiner) suddenly malfunctions, revealing himself and exposes a Starfleet task force assigned there. The immortal Ba’ku live in harmony with nature, rejecting advanced technology. Their planet and their culture is secretly researched by the Federation associated with an alien race called the Son’a. When the Son’a and forces within Starfleet attempt to take over the planet that has “magical” properties, it falls upon Captain Picard (Stewart) and his crew to defend the Ba’ku as well as the very ideals upon which the Federation itself was founded.

Tripple Star InsurrectionTripple Star InsurrectionTripple Star InsurrectionTripple Star Insurrection